Buried at the bottom of a Washington Post article today about the fallout from FoleyGate, is the following:

Republicans say they are in grave danger of losing the seat of former House majority leader Tom DeLay (Tex.), as well as those held by Rep. Robert W. Ney (Ohio) — who agreed to plead guilty to corruption charges in the investigation into the activities of convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff — and Rep. Don Sherwood (Pa.), who has been embroiled in a scandal over an affair.

In addition, Republicans have largely given up on holding the seat of retiring Rep. Jim Kolbe (Ariz.), and strategists are pessimistic about retaining open seats in Colorado and Iowa and the seat now held by Rep. John N. Hostettler (Ind.).

True, there are two open seats in Colorado, the 5th and the 7th, but I don’t think they are referring to the 5th District, do you?