Let’s face it: Creativity is messy. But inside the Five Points workshop of Winter Session, a canvas and leather goods company that recently relocated from Chicago, owner-designers Tanya Fleisher and Roy Katz (pictured with Laura Staugaitis, middle) have transformed their beautiful mess into a thoughtfully conceived, almost poetic space. Sewing machines and colorful spools of thread weigh down tables while in-progress canvas satchels lean against each other elsewhere.

Shelves and workbenches hold hand-molded, hand-stitched leather handles and heaps of leather pieces. These are the humble beginnings to Winter Session’s modern bags, wallets, and iPad sleeves. Colorado natives Fleisher and Katz moved their three-year-old business to Denver in February to be closer to family and their beloved mountains. Stop in Monday through Friday to see the duo turn the space’s medley of materials into attractive pieces with clean lines and sturdy construction—an end result that is anything but messy. winter-session.com