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The Dean’s List

The best public high schools along the Front Range. Plus: an in-depth look at how the so-called Colorado Paradox has shortchanged our kids—and how we might finally be able to fix it.

5280 September 2013


Finishing School

Autumn’s ultrapolished look elegantly pairs mid-century, ladylike silhouettes with luxe, understated accessories.


Robert “Rider” Dewey spent 17 long years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit. During that time, he endured constant legal setbacks and personal tragedies. This is how he made it to the other side.

Pioneers 2.0

They told us to go west, so we did. And we still are. In droves. Welcome to a different kind of Gold Rush, in which Colorado’s most precious commodity is new residents. This population boom is changing our state: We’re no longer so darn white, so young, so isolated. We’re the poster child for a new West. Take a look.


Golden Oldie

Denver has developed a reputation as the Napa Valley of craft beer. But the Front Range is also home to one of the biggest breweries in the world. We took the popular Coors brewery tour for an inside look at MillerCoors, which brews more beer in one day than most Denver nanobreweries make in a year.

Fall Á La Fielder

To discover Colorado’s finest autumn splendor, follow the state’s most famous photographer to Ridgway.

From the Editor

Moving Up

A letter from the editor of our September 2013 issue.

Front Range

Grand Slam

A local tennis academy aims to improve our state’s lagging game.

Wine Thieves

Animals help themselves to Colorado grapes.

Road Show

Two Coloradans turn canning beer into a mobile operation.

In The Cross Hairs

Fewer and fewer Coloradans are hunting—which is actually bad for wildlife.

A Beautiful Life

Name: Sharon Bond BrownOccupation: Artist, grandmotherOn display: Virginia: A Life, a collection of Brown’s oil paintings created from old photographs and letters, at the Lakewood Heritage Center September 20 through January 18.

Home Grown


Work In Progress

The Chicago-based Winter Session workshop moves to Denver.

High Notes

Layer up for hot days and cool nights during music festival season.

Schoolhouse Rock

Music may be the key to helping kids graduate in one Denver neighborhood.

Colorado Bookshelf: An Impenetrable Screen of Purest Sky

High Lonesome

Fall is the prime time to explore Colorado’s Rocky Mountain ghost towns.

By the Numbers

How many years has it been since Telluride Sheridan Opera House opened?

Veg Fund

Revision International helps turn Denver’s urban garden crops into cash.

Eat and Drink

Local Roast

The Mosco spices up the Western Chile scene.

By the Numbers

How many avocados does Chipotle Mexican Grill serve each day?

A Spot of Tea

Savor the end of summer with these chilly chai blends.

Green Zone

Absinthe infiltrates the Wazee Supper Club.

On Repeat

Shish Kabob Grill’s Middle Eastern fare is habit-forming.

How To Make Quick Pickles

Justin Park and Tyler DuBois of the Real Dill share their recipe for quick-pickled veggies.

Field Work

Eric Skokan’s Bramble & Hare is the very definition of farm-to-table dining. 

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