Rocky Mountain News
RIP: 2009
We miss the fruits of friendly competition: Denverites seemed a bit more informed, anecdotally at least, when the Post and the Rocky were duking it out for their attention. Besides, we were suckers for the Rocky’s tabloid style, not to mention the reporting and photography, and, oh yeah, those four Pulitzer Prizes.

Mile High Stadium
RIP: 2001
We get it; there’s money to be had in naming a sports stadium. But Mile High Stadium had such a nice ring before Invesco (and now Sports Authority) messed up the melody. Still, it could be worse. We could be stuck with monstrosities like Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland) or the Bankers Life Fieldhouse (Indianapolis).

Clair De Lune
RIP: 2004
Denver diners hadn’t quite caught on to the tiny Sixth Avenue bistro’s local, sustainable eating ethic when celebrated chef Sean Kelly debuted this gem in 2002. Two years later it was gone, and we’ve been craving Kelly’s potato chips with blue cheese fondue ever since.

Doug Bruce
RIP: 2008
This former Colorado representative (not actually dead), who lasted only a year in politics and was later convicted of tax evasion, makes the current landscape of political dirty tricks look practically pastoral.

The Big 12
RIP: 2011
The University of Colorado Boulder football team was already struggling when the Buffs left the Big 12 for the Pac 12. But when they traded up, they really took the team’s chance of a winning season with them. The Buffs’ predicted finish in the Pac 12 South this season? Dead last.

Stapleton International Airport
RIP: 1995
A casualty of city growth (yay!), we know. But we still miss the days when our drive to the airport wasn’t nearly as long as our flight.