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By the Numbers

Can lack of sleep make you gain weight?


The number of pounds you could gain after just one week of poor sleep.

In a recent University of Colorado Boulder study, researchers tracked sleep, metabolism, and eating habits in 16 healthy men and women. The goal was to determine how five days of sleep loss (the equivalent of a stressful week at work or school) affects a person’s weight and eating behavior. The results, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America in March 2013, showed that participants who slept five hours or less per night burned an extra 111 calories per day but also ended up eating far more (especially in the evenings) than those who logged nine hours of sleep. As a consequence, the sleep-deprived subjects had gained an average of almost two pounds by the end of the first week of the experiment.

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By the Numbers

How many non-GMO kernels does Doc Popcorn pop daily?


The number of non-GMO kernels popped daily for Boulder-based Doc Popcorn.

By the Numbers

How many cocktails did Green Russell sell in July 2013?


The number of cocktails sold at Green Russell in July 2013—2,184 of which were “bartender’s choice”. Exclusive: You can read a review of one of the speakeasy’s cocktails, and learn to make it at home, here.

1422 Larimer St., 303-893-6505,

By the Numbers

How many avocados does Chipotle Mexican Grill serve each day?


The total number of avocados Chipotle Mexican Grill serves each day.

By the Numbers

How many years has it been since Telluride Sheridan Opera House opened?


Years since Telluride’s Sheridan Opera House opened. Savor the splendor of this 240-seat theater, often referred to as the “crown jewel of Telluride,” during a show at this month’s Telluride Film or Blues & Brews festivals.

By the Numbers

How many pounds of Colorado peaches does MM Local use each August?

10,000 lbs.:

Pounds of Colorado peaches that MM Local uses each August.

By the Numbers

What's the average age of students who perform at the Aspen Music Festival and School?

21.9 years old:

Average age of students who perform at the Aspen Music Festival and School—considered the top classical music festival in the world—during the summer season (through August 18).

Find out what Aspen Music Fesitval and School events you shouldn’t miss here.

By The Numbers

How many pounds of gummy worms will Happy Cakes Bakeshop use this year?

120 Pounds of gummy worms Happy Cakes Bakeshop uses in a year.

3434 W. 32nd Ave., 303-477-3556,

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock

By the Numbers

Hernando's Pizza has a pricey wallpaper: money.

22K The number of decorated $1 bills coating the walls and ceilings of Hernando’s Pizza & Pasta Pub in Winter Park, 22 years after the tradition started. Ask your waiter for some markers and join the club. 78199 U.S. Highway 40, Winter Park, 970-726-5409,