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Top of the Town 2012

Every time we step outside these days, there’s a new shop to browse, a new place to eat, a new business to visit. We’re so pleased with what we’ve found in our fair city and beyond.

5280 July 2012

Fields of Dreams

If an invite to have dinner on the farm sounds like a picnic table, baked beans, and dirty-denim affair, rethink that idea. In Colorado, farm-side suppers are staged from late spring through fall, and they are some of the finest, most romantic meals you’ll ever experience. Imagine dining al fresco at community tables, viewing fields that spread toward the horizon, and savoring food that was harvested hours before it lands on your plate. Discover the magic of authentic farm-to-table cuisine. 

Top of the Town 2012

Every time we step outside these days, there’s a new shop to browse, a new place to eat, a new business to visit. We’re so pleased with what we’ve found in our fair city and beyond.

Star Light, Star Bright

Colorado is blessed with plenty of stunning scenery—including the expansive night sky. Look up at 10 p.m. on July 15 and use this guide to locate constellations, stars, and even some planets.

Swimming Hole

Tucked into the mountains of northwest Colorado, Steamboat Lake has everything you need for a quintessential summer weekend.

Tick Tock

How landing a long-awaited dream job forced me to rethink—but not remake—my relationship with time.

From The Editor: Rising To The Top

Around the Bend

Take on the gravity-defying sport of downhill mountain biking.

Energy Buzz

Harnessing solar energy in new ways.

River Banks

Fishing may be the next frontier for Colorado ranchers.

It Is About The Bike

Bob Roll, a 13-year veteran of professional cycling, now commentates pro cycling’s most renowned races: the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, the Tour of California—and, of course, next month’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge. When he’s not following the buzz of the peloton in Europe’s peaks and valleys, he heads home to Durango, where he’s lived for more than 25 years.

Glory Gone Wild

Hey folks: We know you’re in shape. Now please stop bragging about it.

Bump, Set, Spike

Wash Park’s volleyball scene.


Denver’s DUI spots.

Canine Care

Get Involved: Morris Animal Foundation.

Design Within Reach

City Park’s playground is getting a face-lift.

Alamo Placita: A Guide

Stop in the Alamo Placita neighborhood just south of Capitol Hill for a respite from the Mile High City’s bustling neighborhoods like Cherry Creek and Highland. There, you’ll find a collection of turn-of-the-century Victorians and bungalows, specialty shops, and casual eateries. The mix lends Alamo Placita an urban vibe that doesn’t overshadow the small-town, community feel of the historic enclave.

The Image Maker

An artist moonlighting as a server left her mark.

The Pioneer

Josh Wolkon reflects on 15 years of Vesta Dipping Grill.

Away We Go

Pack for a getaway in style.

Second Act

Boulder’s iconic, old-timey radio show finally gets its long-awaited home.

East of Denver

The first novel from Denver author, Gregory Hill.

Growth Model

A Boulder woman brings high-tech gardening to the DIY-inclined.

Locally Produced

Denver natives start urban farm.

Scrap Happy

One Denverite’s trash is another’s hip, high-end custom furniture. 

Collector’s Paradise

A knickknack heaven on South Broadway.

West of Eden

Turning out tasty, small-batch wines in the West Elks region.

Breaking with Tradition

Chef Mark Fischer bends the rules with Phat Thai.

Black Raspberries

By the numbers: blackberries

Table Hop

Dry-hopping beer—at your table. 

Two Is Better Than One

Chickee’s Lil Kitchen serves Cajun and Mexican in Sunnyside.


Thanks to a booming restaurant scene, Louisville has become more than Boulder’s quirky, small-town neighbor. Here are seven reasons to make reservations now.

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