1. In a mixing bowl, combine 1½ cups Backyard Soda Co. lime-basil* syrup, 1 cup cold water, ½ cup spirits,** and juice of half a lime. Pour into a baking pan and freeze.

2. Remove from freezer every 30 minutes and stir well, making sure to get the sides. Return to the freezer.

3. After 4 hours, the granita should be light, smooth, and sorbetlike. Scoop into a champagne coupe and garnish with a fresh mint leaf. Makes 4 servings.

*Other Backyard Soda Co. flavors include strawberry-mint, mango-jalapeño, lemon-rosemary, Earl Grey–lavender, ginger-lime, and seven-spice root beer.

**For a nonalcoholic version, simply substitute ½ cup water for the spirits.

—Illustrations by Peter James Field