When the slider became a hot food trend several years back, I was giddy—the mini sandwiches are, after all, a sneaky way to eat a burger. The appeal faded quickly, however, as I discovered a landscape populated by tiny, hockey-puck-hard meat patties drowning in their too-big brioche buns. No thanks.

But the lamb sliders at the recently revamped Crave downtown tempted me once again, promising house-made pita as a stand-in for a squishy roll. The grilled triangles of flatbread hold juicy patties of marinated lamb, pickled red onions, cucumber-buttermilk vinaigrette, and a thick spread of mint pea pesto. The combo packs a flavorful hit without feeling heavy. But most important, the ratio of bread to tender meat has finally been rectified. 891 14th St., 303-586-4199

—Inset image courtesy of Sarah Boyum

This article was originally published in 5280 June 2015.
Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin is a writer living in Westminster, and has been covering food and sustainability in the Centennial State for more than five years.