In 2011, Native Eyewear succumbed to peer pressure. The Denver sunglasses company, known for its superb performance specs, launched a ski goggle line because it seemed like all the other sunglasses companies had launched ski goggle lines. Native execs quickly realized their expertise didn’t extend to the slopes and two years later discontinued the goggles (which, if we’re being honest, were pretty run-of-the-mill). So when Native decided to debut a second goggle collection this fall, the company enlisted input from a team of experts, including Salida-based ski gear consultancy the Branding Agency as well as pro backcountry skiers and snowboarders like University of Denver alum Romi Kristl. The resulting models share three defining traits: a coating that delays vision-clouding fog for up to eight minutes (the industry standard is between 30 seconds and two minutes); “SnowTuned” lenses that shield from the sun but also enhance color and shadow; and biodegradable frames made with castor oil so they will disappear from landfills hundreds of years faster than petroleum-based iterations. These features, plus sleek designs, mean Native’s new ski goggles don’t have to go along with the crowd to be cool.


Left: The Coldfront Teal Roth ($129)

Middle: The Backbowl Ranger ($129)

Right: The Upslope Hesher GT ($129)