La Cour has an ambitious aim: To bring the best of Parisian life to South Broadway. The Monley family, owners of the three-month-old eatery, have worked to combine the everyday French ideals of enjoying life, the fine art of conversation, and the importance of delicious food and drink. The restaurant, which makes its home in a romantic Victorian-era building, elevates the otherwise dodgy block that it occupies (aka the “Green Mile” because of its saturation of marijuana dispensaries).

The Monleys have converted the building with an elegant yet bohemian French flair—like a Montmartre artist’s enclave in the Cubist era with rotating displays of art on the walls, tiny bistro tables surrounding the chic bar, and friends sipping cocktails over a lively chat and an olive and charcuterie platter. As an art bar, La Cour does not disappoint as it’s the showcase for 88-year-old Cynthia Monley’s works, as well as that of her sons and professional artists Jim and George.

La Cour’s real draw, though, is the outdoor patio­­­­—it’s the perfect place to linger over a cheese plate featuring a selection of French cheeses like the creamy Saint Flélicien and a glass of Sauvignon Touraine. The abstract wall-size mural, “Le Mur,” was inspired by Paris’ urban art wall at rue Oberkampf by the same name. Meanwhile, a fire pit adds a cozy feel for cooler evenings and lingering late-night chats. La Cour’s artful space is destined to become a summer go-to in the south metro area.

Tip: La Cour is open for brunch on the weekends. The cafe serves savory quiche and classic French pastries, and there’s often live music.

1643 S. Broadway, 303-777-5000