Every design-obsessed homeowner knows that the reward for the hours and dollars spent creating a beautiful room is the satisfaction we feel each time we step inside it. But let’s be honest: A moment in the spotlight and some extra cash would be nice too.

That’s just what Denver native Hannah Pobar was thinking when she launched Home Studio—a collection of styled homes that are available to rent for photo shoots—back in 2016. The former professional photographer had been opening her tiny San Francisco apartment to brands like HGTV and Anthropologie, which were looking for lived-in, light-filled spaces for their shoots, and as demand for her home grew, Pobar recognized a business opportunity. “I wanted to let other people work with brands the way I had been able to,” she says. “It really is so cool to see your own home in the pages of a catalog, published in books, or in ads on Pinterest as you scroll.”

So she built a website, found a few friends eager to rent out their residences, and started taking reservations. Just a few years later, Home Studio counts Amazon Fashion, L’Oreal, Steven Madden, and Hallmark among her clientele and represents nearly 1,000 spaces in more than 30 states—including approximately 30 homes in Colorado, Pobar’s current home base. Here, even interior designers like Anna Smith of Annabode (whose kitchen is pictured above) offer their homes for consideration. The goal, Pobar says, is quality over quantity: “We look for impeccable taste across various aesthetics. It’s really important that the homes we feature have a unique look and feel, beautiful styling and decor, and great natural light.”

Hannah Pobar, founder of Home Studio. Photo by Anna Hudson.

Once a space makes the cut—homeowners apply online, and typically learn if their home has been accepted within two weeks—Home Studio does all the work, from online marketing to booking, though homeowners have time to review every reservation request before committing. “We keep the process very simple and handle all the communication on behalf of hosts,” Pobar says. “Their main responsibility is to provide access to the space.”

Just how lucrative can this side hustle be? Homeowners set their own rates (in Denver, the range is $100–$350 per hour) and keep 70 percent of each rental fee—not bad for a job as easy as sitting back and waiting for your home’s next paycheck to arrive.