A couple of years back, Ashley Allen and Carrie Dailey began noticing gorgeous wallpaper hanging in Denver hot spots like Fancy Tiger, Linger, and Forest Room 5. For fun, the duo started blogging about the prints they spotted—and soon realized the trend was popping up everywhere. In January 2012, they opened a retail shop called Covered Wallpaper to sell their favorite artistic, contemporary, and vintage-inspired designs. Since then, sales have doubled every quarter.
5280: So wallpaper is the hot new thing?
Ashley Allen: People had tan walls for so long. Then they started adding accent walls; now patterns are becoming really big. Nothing has to match anymore. Wallpaper adds so much color and texture.

Do some people still think wallpaper is dated?
Carrie Dailey: People walk into the shop and say, “Is this wallpaper?”
Allen: It’s not that the 1970s are back. This is a new spin on an old concept.

How do I keep my room from looking too busy?
Allen: People know their limits. They’ll come in and say, “I’m kind of afraid of color.” So they’ll go with something neutral. Maybe they don’t want to do a whole room in that paper; maybe an accent wall would be better. We also sell panels for $85, which are kind of like art.

What’s next for the shop?
Dailey: We want to get into wrapping paper and pillows.
Allen: So if someone loves a pattern, but they don’t think they want a whole wall, they can buy the pillow!

4318 Tennyson St., 303-455-2372, Sat.­–Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. or by appointment, coveredwallpaper.com