When cold weather rolls around, an internal switch flips for me. I find myself drawn to harvest feasts, savory baked goods made with root vegetables and winter squashes, and all things hearty and heart-warming. Ground zero for satiating these cravings is Laporte’s Me Oh My Coffee and Pie , which offers cozy Americana vibes in spades. (Dylan fans may recognize the restaurant’s name from the folk legend’s tune, “Country Pie.”)

Owner Caitlin Philp’s cafe began in a nearby renovated gas station, and has since grown into a spacious gathering spot where Philp showcases her crowd-pleasing baked goods. The scratch-made pies, which come in flavors such as sweet potato, apple, pecan, and Hubbard squash (from Native Hill Farm just down the road), sell particularly well. Philp, a Northern Colorado native, and her small staff craft each pie by hand, using their “pie-ceps” (get it?) instead of machinery to churn out an average of 150 pies every week.

There are also pecan rolls, hunks of Noosa yogurt coffee cake, “famous” quiche, pot pies, and loaded breakfast sandwiches. Consider ordering the quiche ($5.50) and a mug of chai ($4.35) to sip on while strolling the 3,000-square-foot building as you wait for your food. There’s plenty to see: fresh-cut flowers for sale, a ladies book-club meeting, a kids’ play nook. Me Oh My is even home to a mercantile replete with local artisan soaps, balms and lotions, earrings made with up-cycled bike tires, and a Native Hill farm stand.

Back at your table, tuck into your generous slice of, say, ham and cheddar quiche (flavors change daily) made with fluffy eggs, beautifully browned cheese, and a buttery pie crust. Or maybe opt for the chicken pot pie ($8), a crust-lover’s dream with a flaky, hand-spiraled crown and ample filling of corn kernels, carrots, peas, lima beans, celery, and diced chicken breast.

Of course, you probably should take a thick slice of pecan pie ($4.25) to-go to placate any sugar-stop urges on the drive home. I certainly did.

3310 W. County Road 54G, Laporte, 970-817-2252

Lisa Blake
Lisa Blake
Lisa Blake is a freelance writer and children's book author living in Breckenridge. When she's not writing about food and mountain adventures, she can be found on the river with her son, pug and husband.