We officially made it through winter. The weather is getting warmer and COVID-19 is finally letting up, which means we might finally be free from our homes. It’s time to celebrate with ice cream! And not just any ice cream: We’re talking refreshing spring flavors that scream joy and glee with every lick. Here, we rounded up the local scoop shops and pint pickups churning up delightfully blissful seasonal offerings right now.

High Point Creamery is celebrating the season with fresh flavors and a new location inside Choice Market on Bannock Street. Besides High Point’s tried-and-true flavor favorites, like Cookies (3 Ways) and Cream and Tin Cup Whiskey and Pistachio Brittle, the shop’s spring lineup is filled with flowers and fruit. Case in point: the beautifully floral Strawberry Rose, extra-creamy Chamomile with Blueberry Swirl, fresh and fragrant Pear and Cardamom Sorbet, and subtly sweet Violet and Lime.

Sweet Action has more refreshment than you can shake a stick at (although why you’d shake a stick at ice cream is beyond us). The Broadway shop—as well as the two Frozen Matter locations, which are rebranding as Sweet Action—will feature Lemon Poppy Seed, Strawberry Chamomile, Goat Cheese Marmalade, and Mango Chimango (dried chili mango swirled into a mango base) on the pre-summer menu. You’ll probably want a scoop of each, just maybe not all on the same visit. OK, maybe all on the same visit.

Pint’s Peak Ice Cream’s latest menu has some not-so-springy choices, like Smoked Caramel Pretzel and Gianduja. (Don’t get us wrong, we’re more than fine with eating chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel year-round.) But ice cream whiz Caitlin Howington is also packing the season into a pint in the form of Triple Berry Pie (fresh cream base with triple berry basil compote and almond brown sugar streusel) and Mint Chip Cookie (made with fresh mint, home-made “Oreos,” and capped with a chocolate shell). The pickup and delivery operation opens for orders each Monday at 10 a.m., so set an alert to get your order in.

Right Cream, Denver’s master of must-eat, chunk-packed pints, is bringing the sunshine to its pick-up-only ice cream operation this month. The menu changes weekly, but if recent flavors like Sour Patch, which features a malted lemon base loaded with grapefruit curd and orange shortbread crumble, and Strawberry 710, a roasted strawberry ice cream laced with dabs of lemon curd and addictive pistachio streusel, are any indication, it’s going to be a mighty fine spring. Fair warning: Right Cream sells out each Monday morning, so it might take you a couple tries before you score the highly coveted pints.

Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy is a freelance writer and ice cream fanatic living in Broomfield.