Wine drinkers are a particular lot. They need just the right glass to enjoy their favorite varietal. But what about beer lovers—don’t they deserve special glassware to bring out the best in their favorite brews?

The beer connoisseurs at Boston-based Samuel Adams thought so when they introduced the Samuel Adams Lager Pint Glass at last year’s Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Touted as the first true tasting glass for lager lovers, the glass has several characteristics that enhance the drinking experience. Laser etchings on the bottom create a constant release of bubbles; the rounded shape of the midsection maintains the beer’s temperature and collects the aromas. The narrowing at the top of the glass releases the perfume of the hops and sustains the beer head, while the outward curve at the top delivers the sweetness—or malt—to the front of the tongue. Finally, the bead inside the rim creates a kind of turbulence that releases the beer’s aromas and flavors in the mouth.

Does it work? See for yourself and order up a lager in this special glass at the following spots:

  • Pour House Pub, 1435 Market St., Denver, 303-623-7687
  • The Copper Fox Pub, 8236 S. Holly St., Centennial, 303-771-1377
  • Union American Bistro, 3 Wilcox St., Castle Rock, 303-688-8159
  • Treo, 9040 Maximus Drive, Lone Tree, 303-662-9292