In about two months, Corvus Coffee will open a second location at Belleview Station. But this won’t just be a satellite shop, owner Phil Goodlaxson says. The outpost will have its own unique focus: While the current lineup of pour-overs, espresso drinks, and retail coffee will be available, Goodlaxson says Corvus #2 will also offer an expanded selection of cold-brews. The intention is twofold: “I wanted to create a shop that our customers would have a very distinct reason for wanting to visit,” he says. “I also feel like it’s important to try and move the local coffee industry forward as we move our company forward.”

At the new location, Goodlaxson and crew will brew multiple single-origin coffees on three Japanese cold brew towers. These works of art will serve as conversation starters while also deepening customers’ understanding of and interest in fine coffee. The brews, which can be ordered as a flight, will also serve as the base for what Goodlaxson calls morning cocktails. Customers are already enjoying a lineup of four of these “coffee-tails” at the Broadway shop, and Goodlaxson intends to expand the choices at the Hampden location. The mocktails (there’s no alcohol, any jolt comes from caffeine) play off of the coffees’ natural qualities. ”Cold brew has characteristics that work in cocktails,” Goodlaxson says. “It’s a different way of thinking about coffee.”

As an example, in the Secale Smash (pictured, third from the left), soft notes of fresh blueberry and sage complement the vanilla, tannic, and oak flavors of Corvus’ whiskey barrel–aged cold brew. And in the Georgia Sunset (far right), fresh peach mingles with the fruity, almost hibiscus-like skin of the coffee cherry for a drink that tastes like a sophisticated mimosa. The Ubumwe Julep (far left), made with a rum-y Rwandan single origin, melds with fresh mint, honey, and orange flower. The Sophisticate, second from left, is Corvus’ nod to tea (and decaf) mocktails with hibiscus, basil, and agave.

Watch for the new shop to open in a couple of months. In the meantime, taste your way through the coffee-tails at the Broadway location.

1740 S. Broadway, 303-715-1740 and (soon) Belleview Station,

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—Photo by Rachel Adams

Amanda M. Faison
Amanda M. Faison
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