Denver's Best Bargains

We shopped all over town and found screamin' deals on gorgeous couture clothing, to-die-for shoes, fabulous furniture, home decor, outdoor gear, and trendy accessories. Here, the insider's guide to becoming a genuine bargain shopper. 

November 2005

The Thrifter
Deborah Kershaw pulls up to the Thrift Mart on Colfax Avenue dressed in a classically cut turquoise blouse and white capri pants. She steps out of her beige Mercedes-Benz, diamonds glinting in her ears. Clearly, this striking woman in her mid-50s frequents thrift stores for fun, rather than out of necessity.

For Kershaw, who thrifts about once a week (if not more), bargain shopping is a sport that's played for the love of the game. It's the hunting, sifting, finding-and, of course, saving-that she loves. In fact, Kershaw's favorite strategy is to get upscale ideas from the Neiman Marcus catalog, then scavenge through thrift shops to recreate the looks at a fraction of the price. However, Kershaw acknowledges that successful thrift-store hunting requires a game plan, and she employs several rules of engagement to get the job done. First and foremost, Kershaw advises aspiring bargain seekers to frequent shops where highly affluent people tend to make donations. For example, the Assistance League of Denver runs Thrift Mart, and the charity's wealthy volunteers make regular contributions. The Junior League of Denver's Second Time Shop is another one of Kershaw's regular haunts.