Greek-style frozen yogurt—already a fad in L.A. and NYC—has arrived in Denver. Competition is stiff; here, a look at the area’s dominant players.

Chill-In Yogurt

The draw At the corner of Detroit Street and Second Avenue, Chill-In has staked out prime Cherry Creek territory—and the sea of cups flowing out of the doors is proof that the trend has caught on. The spot serves original, chocolate, and two flavors that change weekly. When we tasted, the tangy original and spot-on mango were excellent.

The drawback The barely-there decor is as uninviting as the perfunctory staff.

The damage Two smalls (original and mango) with one topping each: $6.69

2727 E. Second Ave., #201, 303-388-1855,


The draw The Jetsons-cool space is a downtown hotspot. The shop swirls six flavors—original, peanut butter, acai, pomeberry, Hawaiian taro, and blue-raspberry—and offers a wide range of toppings. A bowl of peanut butter yogurt is a creamy, decadent treat.

The drawback The original is nicely tart but vaguely icy; servings are slightly smaller than the competition—and more expensive.

The damage: Two smalls (original and peanut butter) with one topping each: $8.54

1512 Larimer St., 303-573-7200,


The draw Situated on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, Maiberry has a bubbly staff that walks you through the rotating flavors (and the health benefits of each one), while happily offering tastes. The original is the creamiest we’ve found. Bonus: Start a punch card—the 10th treat (a medium) is free.

The drawback The mango tastes oddly similar to orange-flavored children’s Tylenol.

The damage Two smalls (original and mango) with one topping each: $7.96

1433 Pearl St, Boulder, 303-444-0483

This article was originally published in 5280 October 2009.
Amanda M. Faison
Amanda M. Faison
Freelance writer Amanda M. Faison spent 20 years at 5280 Magazine, 12 of those as Food Editor.