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28 of the Best Waterfall Hikes in Colorado

These spindly trickles, misty plunges, and bona fide gushers are worth the trek.

5280 April 2022

28 of the Best Waterfall Hikes in Colorado

These spindly trickles, misty plunges, and bona fide gushers are worth the trek.

Land acknowledgement illustration

The Problem, Practicality, and Power of Land Acknowledgments

These formal statements that attempt to recognize and respect Indigenous peoples as traditional stewards of certain lands have become de rigueur. But do they work?


Magic Mushrooms Might Be the Next Frontier in Mental Health Care

Nearly three years ago, Denver decriminalized psilocybin, an effort that cracked open the door to a medicine proponents say treats everything from depression to end-of-life anxiety. Here’s how the movement is shaping up.

Portrait of Robin Thurston

Can Outside Inc. Save Outdoor Journalism?

A little over a year ago, Robin Thurston purchased Outside magazine and turned Boulder’s Pocket Outdoor Media into a brand he thinks will remake and improve active-lifestyle journalism. Not everyone agrees.

Portrait of Lindsey B King

First Course

A letter from the editor of 5280.

Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Canyon Finally Looks Like Its Old Self Again

But looks can be deceiving.

Modern artifacts from Colorado History

The Coolest Artifacts History Colorado Has Collected Over the Past 10 Years

From Blinky the Clown to bongs to statement headwear, these items reflect the ever-shifting diversity of Colorado.

Portrait of Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan Has a Burning Desire to Make the Romance Genre More Diverse

Speaking out against racist rhetoric got Courtney Milan banned from the Romance Writers of America. Their loss.

This Littleton Resident Is Hoping to Turn Evangelicals Into Climate Believers

Lindsay Garcia serves as the director of communications for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, an organization seeking to reconcile religion with the reality of climate change.

The Art of Banksy The Art of Banksy Chicago

Banksy Art Is Coming to Denver, but Banksy Doesn’t Want You to See It

A collection of original art by world-renowned street artist Banksy is arriving in Denver this month, but Banksy doesn’t want you to see it. We talked to local arts and ethics experts to figure out whether or not you should stop by.

Dinner plate by Bruto

Chef Michael Diaz de Leon Wants Diners to Make Themselves at Home at Brutø

Exquisitely plated dishes and a convivial ambience are the draw at the LoDo restaurant’s chef’s counter.

Portrait of Tajahi Cooke

Behind One Chef’s Mission to Create a Diverse and Stable Restaurant Industry

Tajahi Cooke will launch Freedom Street food hall’s Chef Kitchen—a supper club and mentorship program for up-and-coming and new-to-Denver cooks—this month.

What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?

We asked a local expert about the clues to look for in your slumbertime visions.

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