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The Ultimate Guide to Colorado Distilleries

Colorado is home to nearly 100 distilleries that are, in true Western style, pushing the boundaries of what it means to craft local liquor. Here’s your 2018 guide to Centennial State hooch. Cheers!

5280 February 2018


A Modest Proposal

The High Lonesome Ranch in western Colorado is big enough to be a national park, but its owners, led by Paul Vahldiek Jr., don’t take their cues from the government. Instead, they’ve developed a unique approach to land management that could revolutionize the conservation movement for both private and public open spaces.

19 Snowshoe Adventures in the Colorado Wilderness

Whether you’re happy ambling along a packed-down trail or game for a more strenuous backcountry trek, we’ve got the perfect route for you to explore this winter.


Gerardo Noriega, DACA

How a Denver Man’s Story Helped Shape DACA

Gerardo Noriega was of one America’s first DACA recipients. Here’s how his life helped shape U.S. policy for thousands of immigrants living in the country illegally.

From the Editor

Mixing It Up

A note from the editor of the February issue of 5280.


Play Maker

Meet the Colorado man (and Avalanche Zamboni driver) responsible for all things ice hockey at this year’s Olympics.

3 Educational Offerings Unique to Colorado

Higher ed isn’t all business and biology anymore. These programs prep grads for Colorado’s new economy.

Len Necefer

This Navajo Man Says Tribes Should Decide the Future of Public Lands

Len Necefer thinks tribes should help decide what Colorado does with its public lands. And he’s well on his way to making that happen.

A World of Difference

In the dark days of winter, these Centennial State groups show us how Coloradans are brightening lives around the globe.


I Rode a Shovel Down a Ski Run and Didn’t Die

An intrepid reporter goes inside the thrill-inducing, death-defying, utterly addictive sport of shovel racing.

The Story Behind 3 Creative Couples’ Office Romances

What happens when your work wife becomes your actual wife?

6 Reasons to Shred at Loveland Ski Area

O, Loveland, how do we love thee? Let us count the old, new, and oft-overlooked ways. (Hint: Free cat skiing).

This Local Book Club Doesn’t Involve Reading

Instead, you scan a QR code on a bottle of wine to listen to an audiobook.

Eat and Drink

The Obsession: Moxie Bread Co.’s King Cake

Everyone who tastes this divine dessert—available through Fat Tuesday on February 13—will feel like a royal.

Santo posole

Where We’re Eating This Month, February 2018

The restaurants, dishes, and drinks on our dining radar this month, February 2018.

The Colorado Pantry: Biju’s Kerala Spices

The co-founder of Biju’s Little Curry Shop rolls out a retail line.

Restaurant Review: Señor Bear

This Highland eatery’s rustic Pan-Latin mashups are expertly executed and ridiculously fun to eat.


Colorado Candy Hearts

5280 gives the quintessential Valentine’s Day candy a Centennial State makeover

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