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Health Myths, Busted!

Can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to everyday factors that influence your well-being? Test your savvy—and boost your wellness in the new year.

5280 Health 2017


Our Annual Must-Have List of Denver’s Top Doctors

With 315 physicians in 95 medical specialties, we’re bound to have the doc you need.

Denver’s Top Dentists 2016

Keep your mouth happy and healthy with our list of the 782 best dentists in Denver and beyond. Plus, learn how to care for your choppers (and gums!) when you trade the bathroom sink for a backcountry campsite.

Inside the Drug Epidemic That’s Killing Coloradans

Overdose is the leading cause of injury death for people 18-64 in America, and in most cases, opioids are to blame. What’s being done in the Centennial State to fight this growing public health problem?


Help For Survivors Of Sexual Assault

Specially trained nurses offer the best medical attention to this vulnerable population. So why does only one hospital in the state of Colorado make these professionals part of its regular staff?  

From the Editor

A Quiet Epidemic

A letter from the editor of the 5280 Health 2017 issue. 


Good Microbes For Babies

Local researchers find a way to boost C-section newborns’ immunity.

Why You Should Play In The Dirt

A new study from CU suggests bacteria in the soil could lessen your anxiety.

Sleep Training For Adults

What a twentysomething journalist learned from a local expert on catching more (and better) Zs.

Relief For Kids With Dairy Allergies

How desensitization saved our son from an adolescence void of Sweet Cow Ice Cream.

Innovation: Rotator Cuff Surgery Just Got Easier

How one Denver surgeon is transforming the ways we treat torn tendons.

A New (Old) Approach To Delivering Breech Babies

A Denver doctor challenges current conventions on delivering infants bottom-first.

Is A Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet For you?

Local experts weigh in on whether fitness freaks benefit from this trendy diet.

Hepatitis C: A Silent Killer

A Colorado family shines the spotlight on the nation’s growing hepatitis C problem.

Tech Talk: Mimi

A Denver-based startup helps connect the elderly with assisted-living facilities.

Research: Why We Should Take Dementia Patients To The Symphony

An innovative local study reveals the power of music-based therapy.

Personalized Prostheses

A local VA clinic helps amputees customize their artificial limbs with artful designs.


From The Rockies To Mt. Everest

How a local doctor used the Centennial State’s epic terrain to prepare for one of the world’s most demanding climbs.

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