5280.com Exclusive: Mama Said

Their days are like this (pretty awesome) thanks to motherly wisdom.

Emma Coburn of Boulder, three-time U.S. steeplechase champion

“[My mom] was climbing fourteeners and biking passes all while she was pregnant with me. … I think seeing that we, as women, can wear two hats—the tough athlete and a caring mother, wife, sister—was powerful.”

Edwin Zoe, owner (with mom, Anna Zoe) of Zoe Ma Ma restaurants in Boulder and Denver

“My mom expresses love through her food. My passion for food comes from her because I associate it so strongly with the good things in life.”

Amber Johnson, creator and editor of milehighmamas.com

“Cooking and making crafts were [my mom’s] hobbies, and [she] realized she could start her own restaurant and make that her passion. … Even though she doesn’t ‘get’ my blog, she inspired my ability to be creative.”