As you stroll the beverage aisle, looking to stock your fridge, you’re likely to find more tea options alongside the juices and sodas. “Tea,” says John Sicher, editor of Beverage Digest, “is one of the strongest-growing sectors of the beverage industry.” The trend is due in part, Sicher says, to the increased demand for health and wellness products. It’s not surprising, then, that the Colorado market, a hub for natural foods, would produce several of these healthy bottled drinks.

Authentic Yerba Maté
$1.79, Pixie Maté, Boulder
A sweet and earthy maté, this highly caffeinated drink—there’s more caffeine in maté than Red Bull—packs a punch for an afternoon pick-me-up. Available at Whole Foods

Original, Live
Kombucha Tea
$2.99, High Country Kombucha, Eagle This fair-trade tea pours slightly cloudy, a visual cue to its sour taste and natural effervescence. Because it’s slightly sweet, this tea is a good starter for exploring kombucha, whose fermented flavors can be initially off-putting. Available at Whole Foods

Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey
$1.39, Xingtea, Denver
When chilled, this light and sweet tea is a refreshing thirst-quencher. The extracts of ginseng, a natural energy booster, will also put some pizzazz back into your worn-out step. Available at King Soopers and Whole Foods

Original, Kombucha
$2.99, Infinitea, Boulder
Despite the pungent scent, this bubbly and mildly tart tea tastes crisp—and claims to be a tonic for immune, digestive, kidney, and several other health malfunctions. Available at Whole Foods