The past two-plus years have forced us to become closer than ever with our loved ones. Like, straitjacket close. In other words: You could use some space. Not a permanent split, of course—but a short-term separation? Yes. Please. Now. Our present to you is five gift ideas that’ll make your heart grow fonder by creating temporary distance between you and the rest of your household.

1. End Of The Lines

In November, JSX hop-on jet service began offering direct flights from Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport five days a week. The Dallas-based carrier flies smaller planes that don’t require passengers to suffer through TSA lines, yet round-trip tickets cost less than $500.

2. Road Warrior

The newest offering from Longmont-based Rossmönster, the Lagom series (from $205 per night) consists of off-road-ready rental rigs featuring a hard-walled pop-up camper that could sleep two but would also be supercomfy for one (hint, hint). And the floor-to-ceiling windows provide unimpeded views of the landscape, which might inspire the gift recipient to remain in the wild for an extra sunset or two.

3. Buy The Book

Galena Mountain Projects, an outdoor retailer in Leadville, has everything you need to encourage your SO to head for the hills, including Arkansas Valley guidebooks providing local knowledge on the area’s best sunbaked crags and flowy singletrack. Pair a book with Galena’s 5-9-5 Shirt ($86), a versatile spandex blend with a Western twang, so your loved one can dress the part while exploring.

4. Drum Solo

Give yourself the gift of quiet by sending your budding Dave Grohl to Drum Box. The three-year-old company turned two ATM vestibules, in Longmont and Lafayette, into mini drum studios equipped with four- and five-piece kits. Book online (one hour costs $30, but a bundle of 10 one-hour sessions runs $150) and boom: the sound of silence.

5. Cover Your Tracks

Kids are prone to breaking things—like that fancy Apple AirTag tracking device you gave them last Christmas in order to monitor their movements. This year, stick a snazzy, protective case from Fort Collins–based OtterBox into their stockings to serve as a safeguard. Decorated with vibrant swirls, the company’s new Figura Series option ($20) is made with synthetic rubber and features a handy clip to protect your peace of mind while your kids are out and about—leaving you home all alone.