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Savannah Roberts

The Best of the Mountain West

Celebrating 26 captivating people, beautiful places, and irresistible things endemic to our special slice of America in 2020.

5280 December 2020


Snow Plows

Keeping I-70 Clear: A Photo Essay

Meet the men and women who work day and night in tough winter conditions to make safe our most critical east-west thoroughfare.

Palantir photo illustration

Why Did Palantir Technologies Move Its Headquarters From Silicon Valley to Denver?

The secretive and controversial data-mining firm moved its headquarters to LoDo earlier this year. And while some city and state government officials lobbied for the relocation, others are furious. Here’s why that should matter to all of us.


Fishers Peak

Welcome to Fishers Peak, Colorado’s Newest State Park

Beyond being a much-needed new playground for Centennial Staters, Fishers Peak’s goal of balancing conservation and recreation could set a new standard for parks everywhere.

From the Editor

Goodbye, 2020

A letter from the editor of 5280’s December 2020 issue.


Sunlight Mountain

Colorado’s Independent Ski Resorts Are Preparing for a Big Season

With major resorts dealing with visitor limits, smaller locales like Sunlight Mountain Resort have seen significant upticks in interest.

Outside Workers

COVID-19 Is Leaving Day Laborers out in the Cold

Dwindling job opportunities have day laborers on the precipice of a bitter winter.

Jody Guralnick

Take a Tour of Jody Guralnick’s Workshop

The Aspen artist’s nature-inspired collection is on view at the Denver Botanic Gardens’ Freyer–Newman Center through March 14.

Garage Sale

Larimer Square Is Trying to Lure Shoppers Away From Amazon With Unique Experiences

Booze, trap music, and a menu written in a language patrons must decode are all things you’ll find at the retail district’s new pop-ups.

Ask an Adventurer: How to Make the Most of Your Winter

We asked outdoor experts to tell us about splitboarding, the wildfires’ impact on winter sports, and how to care for your down jacket.

Lights Display

Where to See the Best Home Light Shows in the Denver Area

Every winter, a select few Coloradans spend weeks transforming their homes into over-the-top holiday displays that put even Santa’s workshop to shame.

Eat and Drink

Fifth STring

Chef Amos Watts Composes Edible Hymns at the Fifth String

Don’t miss the small plates and family-style dinners inspired by his Midwest upbringing and fine-dining pedigree.

Jessica Allen artwork

What Happens When a Restaurant Critic Finds His Mother’s Recipe Box?

Scott Mowbray reminisces about Christmases past and his mother’s treasured cooking rituals.


All the Good Things That Happened in 2020

Against all odds, Colorado has seen a few positive changes in 2020.

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