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Top of the Town 2016

Our 20th annual list of the best places to eat, drink, listen to music, get pampered, and more!

5280 July 2016

Your Guide to Denver’s Parks

Our favorite spots to picnic, exercise, wear out the kids, hike, and more in Denver’s 272 public green spaces.

Survival of the Fittest

In Colorado’s stunning—but dangerous—landscape, it only takes one twisted ankle or freak snowstorm to turn your casual day hike into a life-threatening situation. These adventurers escaped scary scenarios. Outdoors experts explain how and why.

Top of the Town 2016

Our 20th annual list of the best places to eat, drink, listen to music, get pampered, and more!

The Fixer

Can Derek Bouchard-Hall—armed with an Ivy League pedigree and a pro cycling career—remake Colorado Springs–based USA Cycling?

Flight Plan: Soaring In A Motorless Glider Plane

The Front Range is a hotbed for the cerebral sport of sailplaning, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist—or a pilot—to catch some air.

The Agony Of Defeat

Forty-six years ago, Denver was awarded the 1976 Winter Games, until voters overwhelmingly decided to defund the event. What happened—and will Denver ever get the Olympics again?

Leaning Back

A letter from the editor of our July 2016 issue.

The Best Defense

Can goalkeeper Tim Howard save the Rapids?

Colorado Moms Battle For Gun Safety

Leading gun-safety advocate Shannon Watts comes to Colorado, a state already locked in a fight over firearms.

Rocket Science

Colorado students learn STEM skills by building the world’s largest hobby rocket.

Colorado’s Top Podcasts

Pack your summer listening list with these Rocky Mountain podcasts for insights into local arts, sports, and tech.

Spend Your Summer In The Sun (Valley)

Escape the nightmare that is I-70 traffic by jetting to the mountain town Colorado would love to claim as its own.

Gear Closet: The Primus Onja

Running Through The Rockies With Eeyore

This month, witness one of state’s strangest spectacles when burros go racing.

Profile of Someone Cool: Ian Dory

Is the Fort Collins native the next American Ninja Warrior?

On The Water

PK Paddle takes (most of) the work out of stand-up paddleboarding.

(Really) High Art

One painter takes the en plein air movement to new heights.

Spotify Your Summer

Bring your playlists to life at these five Colorado music festivals.

Colorado Bookshelf: “The Light of Paris”

Union Station Gets Its Own Farmers’ Market

This summer, the farm comes to you in the heart of downtown.

Damian Woetzel’s New Grooves

The artistic director of the Vail International Dance Festival delights is finding novel ways to get down.


Show up your social media rivals with these easy smartphone photography tips.

Order This: The Way Back’s Hawaiian Tropic

Where We’re Eating in July

The restaurants, dishes, and drinks on our dining radar.

The Watchmen

At Eastern Plains Natural Foods, donkeys and yaks protect and serve.

Day In The Life: High Point Creamery

The inside scoop on the Hilltop ice cream shop.

We’ll Have the Usual

As La Loma trades Jefferson Park for downtown and its beloved building awaits demolition, these restaurant superfans wax rhapsodic.

Hop Alley

Restaurant Review: Hop Alley

Tommy Lee’s Chinese joint is a force to be reckoned with.

Summer Plan B

Four local vacations for when a lack of planning (or budget) means out-of-state trips are out of the question.

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