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The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Colorado’s Fourteeners

Fifty-four peaks. More than 140 routes. And hundreds of thousands of feet in elevation. Here, the ultimate beginner’s guide to climbing Colorado’s famous fourteeners.

5280 June 2013

Whoomp! (There It Was)

Twenty years ago, two guys from North Denver released one of the most popular rap singles of all time. An inside look at the weird, wild ride of DC the Brain Supreme and Steve Rolln, hip-hop’s ultimate one-hit wonders.


Sunshine and patio drinking are to Denver summers as snow and skiing are to Colorado winters. Here, eight of our favorite spots to imbibe—after leaving work early.

Building Blocks

As the Children’s Museum of Denver turns 40, its team of educators and engineers remains focused on prepping kids for the future—while always remembering to have some fun.

Letter From The Editor

Just the Facts, Ma’am


Coloradans get creative with crowd-sourced funding.


The Farmer’s Daughter

Parents will try anything to get kids to eat healthy: airplane spoons, edible art, calling carrots “cookies,” you name it. Sarah Tuft is trying something different with Wacky Apple, an organic line of naturally sweet goodies.

A Tale of Two Cities

How letting go of Denver brought our new life into focus.

Rebirth of Cool


Lined Up

Thrill-seekers are taking to the skies this summer—and we don’t mean in airplanes. Here, five Colorado zip line adventures for an aerial adrenaline rush.

Caching In

Modern-day treasure hunters find bounty in Colorado.


Add a bold touch to your summer wardrobe with black-and-white stripes, checkerboard patterns, and modprints.

Staunton State Park

Hikers and bikers: Think you’ve exhausted the nearby open spaces? Think again. 

How To Roll A Burrito

Amber Engebretson, a member of Chipotle’s restaurateur management program, demonstrates how to roll the ultimate burrito.

By The Numbers

How many pounds of gummy worms will Happy Cakes Bakeshop use this year?

Japanese Original

East meets West on Colorado Boulevard.

The Ultimate Camping Treat

Element-proof chocolate.

Flavor Punch

If there’s a buzzword these days, it’s “house-made.” With so many from-scratch items to choose from, it’s difficult to know which are worth seeking out. Here, our staples—which can be found on the shelf and on restaurant menus.

Something About Mary

Whether you’re a traditionalist or a bit more avant-garde, we’ve got four variations on the Bloody Mary—all of which are guaranteed to get your morning started off right.

Imperfectly Appealing

Amerigo Delicatus, Iain Chisholm’s tiny Ballpark restaurant, serves controlled chaos—and does it well.

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