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Top of the Town 2023

We found 116 reasons to fall in love with the Mile High City all over again.

5280 July 2023

Casa Bonita's bright pink exterior

Inside the Reopening of Casa Bonita With Trey Parker and Matt Stone

The South Park creators dish on whether buying Casa Bonita was a good business decision, how they used South Park to telegraph what was going on with the restaurant’s renovation, and which one of them will be dressing up in the infamous gorilla suit.

A Dinosaur Lover’s Guide to Colorado

Very old rock and a dry climate give the American West one of the richest fossil records in the world. We dug into the history of dinosaur discoveries in the Centennial State, where to see the coolest bones and tracksites, and what Coloradans who study the remains of Earth’s prehistoric inhabitants are learning today.

Life, Love, and Fear: The Joy and Toll of Caring for a Family Member With an Intellectual or Developmental Disability

Roughly one quarter of Coloradans are living with some form of intellectual or developmental disability. In the most serious cases, medical advances have increased life spans, but that newfound longevity has created a host of challenges for parents and other caregivers.

The Best of the Colorado Trail

Your ultimate guide to the greatest distance-hiking route in the country.

Top of the Town 2023

We found 116 reasons to fall in love with the Mile High City all over again.

Inside Biofire—and the Mind That Created the World’s First Smart Gun

Broomfield’s Biofire has unveiled a pistol that can only be fired by an authorized user. Will the technology actually put a dent in gun violence?

The Coup That Turned a Tiny Colorado Utility Company Into a Clean Energy Pioneer

Environmental activists took over Holy Cross Energy with a mission to make the western Colorado co-op a leader in cutting-edge energy generation.

Wisdom, Collected

A letter from the editor of 5280.

Denver Art Museum’s Newest Exhibit Explores Transportation and Identity

Desert Rider: Dreaming in Motion opens this month and features prominent vehicles of the American Southwest.

All Hail Charlie Blackmon (Before It’s Too Late)

The Colorado Rockies’ All-Star outfielder gave the team everything he had. The least we can do is say thanks.

Could Functional Mushrooms Become the Next CBD?

It’s not just psychedelic shrooms that are catching on. Longmont-based Umbo is betting that fungi such as reishi and lion’s mane are the next big wellness trend.

3 New Colorado Laws Going Into Effect This July

July 1 marks the start of the state’s fiscal year, meaning a slew of new laws go into effect this month.

4 New Hot Spots Invigorating Denver’s Antique Row

Your guide to the bars, parks, and shops injecting fresh life into a storied stretch of South Broadway.

Fruition’s Menu Is All About Fresh Produce Without the Fuss

Since assuming the executive chef position last summer, Jarred Russell has spotlit seasonal produce at the farm-to-table eatery.

How to Ferment Your Favorite Summer Vegetables

Mara King, director of fermentation for the Wolf’s Tailor, Brutø, and Hey Kiddo, shares how to create the perfect pickle.

3 Denver Bakeries Serving Up Crazy Croissant Creations

Local pastry chefs are taking lamination—the process of folding butter into dough to produce flaky layers—to new heights.

Molotov Kitschen & Cocktails Gives Ukrainian Cuisine a Great Name

James Beard Award–Nominated Bo Porytko draws on his Ukrainian roots at the new eatery, which features elevated versions of borscht and other Eastern European delights.

The Oversimplified Guide to Adopting an Adventure Dog

Five tips for getting a rescue pup to accompany you on all your Colorado exploits.

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